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Breast Enhancement Surgery


Breast enhancement surgery can be one of the most rewarding procedures performed.  It is amazing to see the physical and emotional transformation that occurs in women who are comfortable with the apperance of their breasts.


Dr. Smith performs more breast enhancement and reconstructive surgeries than any other type of procedures in his practice.  The operation required to achieve your cosmetic goals should be individualized to you with a plastic surgeon who will spend the time to listen to your needs.  The breast enhancement procedures performed by Dr. Smith include:



What Operation is Best for Me?

Everyone's body is unique, and so should the operation to help you obtain your desired look.  Dr. Smith will work with you during your free consultation to customize an operation that will meet your needs.  Many patients will already have an idea of what their final result should look like and Dr. Smith will help you find the right path to get there.


What is the Cost of Breast Surgery?

The exact cost of your desired breast surgery can vary depending on the specifics of your operation. Some of the operations may be covered by your insurance carrier.  Dr. Smith and his staff would be happy to work with you to see if this would be a possibility for your surgery.  The most frequent operations covered by insurance include breast reduction, breast reconstruction, and any breast procedure related to breast cancer.


Financing options are also available and our office staff will work closly with you to see if this would be an option for you.


Many patients have questions about the price of these operations.  To answer these questions, Dr. Smith has a price list that can give you a generalized estimate of the operation you are considering.


These prices are meant to provide a generalized guidline and may be higher or lower depending on the operation you are considering.


Is Breast Surgery Safe?

Breast surgeries are very safe operations for healthy patients.   Most of the surgeries are performed at the surgery center in our office.  All of the surgeries are performed with the assistance of an anesthesiologist whose only job is to moniter you during the operation.  Often, patients are discharged on the same day as the operation to recover in the comfort of their own home.

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