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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)


Women can reshape and resize their breasts to reverse the signs of aging. Dr. Smith can provide women with improved contour and shape, volume and fullness. As women age, the weakened elasticity of their skin becomes most evident in their breasts. A mastoplexy also known as (breast lift) returns breasts to a "perky" and full shape, and restores patients' confidence by vastly improving their appearance.


Over time, there are many outside influences such as pregnancy, nursing, weight loss or weight gain, and even gravity, that can have an influence on the shape and apperance of your breasts.  As skin loses its elasticity, your breasts may also lose their origial shape, fullness, and youthful apperance. A breast lift, or mastopexy, can help restore your breasts original shape and give you full natural appearing breasts.


As your breasts change, many women also notice an increase in the size of the pigmented area around the nipple (areola).  A breast lift can help reduce the size of the areola at the same time as lifting the breasts. Many women also notice a decrease in the volume of their breasts after having children or with aging.  In these instances it may also be necessary to use a silicone or saline breast implant to increase the volume of breast tissue available, at the same time as the breast lift (mastopexy).


Breast Lift Before & After




Main Procedure Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Age 52
Height 5'6"
Weight 135 lbs.


Operative Time

In most cases, a breast lift will take between 1 ½ to 2 hours.


Cost of a Breast Lift

The price of a breast lift can vary from $4000 to $6500 depending of the amount of lift that needs to be performed.


These prices include the cost of the anesthesia (general), operating room fees, surgeon’s fees and all post-operative appointments.



Dr. Smith provides several choices for financing. We will be pleased to assist you in obtaining financing for this procedure. We are affiliated with companies that offer financing for cosmetic surgery. See Dr. Smith's financing options.


Breast Lift Surgery Results

Breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight and the general aging process all take their toll on a woman's shape. Drooping, saggy breasts that have lost their volume and contours are uncomfortable and an undeniable sign of a woman's age. Breast lift surgery is designed to reverse the impact of time and give women a more aesthetic shape, with firmer breasts that are in a better position. Many women choose to combine a breast lift with breast implants, meaning they undergo one surgery yet benefit from the enhancements both procedures provide.


Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

The most common breast lift surgery procedure involves an incision that surrounds the areola and extends down the breast in a “lollipop” fashion.  Occasionally, and incision is required at the base of the breast to remove excess skin as well. This will result is a new position of the nipple and areola on the breast mound with a full appearance to the breast. The time required for the surgery depends on the amount of lift being sought, the individual patient, and whether breast implants are being included in the procedure.


Recovery from Breast Lift Surgery

Similar to most other surgical procedures, there is a recovery period to be expected after having breast lift surgery. Patients are recommended to plan for a week off work, and for two-weeks post surgery can experience some swelling, bruising, and soreness. To ease discomfort pain medication can be prescribed. To speed the healing process, patients wear a supportive garment that controls swelling and protects the incision site. The results of a breast lift become fully evident after approximately four to six weeks. Scars will fade into a pale line when treated in accordance with your physician's directions.



Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Smith performs the breast lift (mastopexy) operation in several different ways and will customize the operation depending on your desired results. Often, Dr. Smith will perform the breast lift by using only a verticle or short scar type incision.  Unlike anchor-shaped incisions which leave long scars under the breast, this vertical technique minimizes the amount of scars on your breast and provides a much more natural, youthful breast form that is longer-lasting. The incision goes around the areola (the pigmented portion around your nipple) and extends down towards the bottom of your breast. The vertical mastopexy method does not leave scars under your breasts and provides a projecting youthful shape.

Patients over 40 years old or who have a family history of breast cancer need to have a recent mammogram (breast x-ray) before the surgery. Patients who are interested in breast feeding may wish to postpone breast surgery until future pregnancies and breast feeding is completed. Women who are smoking should quit for at least 6 weeks before surgery to decrease the risk of having wound healing problems.

Most patients are able to resume non-strenuous work in less than 1 week and resume full physical activities after 3 weeks.  Surprisingly, most women require very little pain medication after surgery and are able to resume daily activities several days after surgery.

Frequently, breast lift surgery is performed at our surgery center (Ascent Surgery Center) as an outpatient surgery, allowing you the freedom to go home the same day of your surgery.

If you are interested in decreasing the size of your breasts at the same time as lifting your breasts, a breast reduction surgery may be the best option for you. This operation is performed in a very similar fashion as the breast lift and can be tailored to your breast size.

The answer is sometimes yes, but more often, no. Typically plastic and cosmetic surgery are not covered under insurance. Insurance will cover the cost of some procedures if they are considered reconstructive (as opposed to purely cosmetic) in nature. If you have a medical reason for your procedure to be covered, Dr. Smith will be happy to consult with you and determine if this might be a covered benefit. Dr. Smith accepts a wide variety of insurance companies. Please contact us to see if we accept your insurance.

If your insurance does not cover your procedure, Dr. Smith can give you a quote for surgery and discuss possible financing options.


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